Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a Disposables company called Space MaxTM. They were on a mission to bring the most delicious and out-of-this-world flavors to people all across the universe.

Their team of intergalactic juice experts traveled to different planets in search of the most unique and flavorful fruits, collecting a total of 45 different flavors, and 4500 puffs in one disposable. From the sweet and juicy Watermelon to the tangy and refreshing Sour Apple, Space MaxTM had something for everyone.

As their popularity grew, people from all over the universe flocked to Space MaxTM to taste their amazing creations. Space MaxTM became known as the go-to vape company for those who wanted to experience flavors they had never tasted before.

But it wasn’t just about the flavors for Space MaxTM. They were also passionate about using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their juices. They believed that everyone deserved to enjoy flavorful and delicious vapes, and that’s why they made sure their vapes were made with only the best and highest quality juices available.

Whether you were a space MaxTM explorer looking for a refreshing smoke break after a long day, or just someone looking to add some excitement to your daily routine, Space MaxTM had a flavor for you. So why settle for boring old vapes when you could try something truly out-of-this-world with Space MaxTM ? Give your taste buds a journey through the galaxy today


Space MaxTM is the highest quality disposable in the country. We use only best E-Liquid available to the market and a coil so extraordinary it will literally blow you away. For any inquiries please contact, we will gladly be there to help.

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